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Alki Sunrise
9 February 2018

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Morning Fire
15 January 2018

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Recent Comments

Steve Rice on SkyLine

Diana on SkyLine

Existence Artistique on SkyLine
belle lumière

Ronnie 2¢ on SkyLine
Right place, right moment . . a beauty.

Sam on Ma
Wonderful. A lovely happy portrait. :)

Sam on Mumba!
So beautiful. A fine capture of this lovely moment. :)

Michael Rawluk on Mumba!
Wonderful. A shot of pure joy.

Le Krop on Mumba!
Très jolie scène !

Diana on Mumba!
Look at me Beautiful capture in B&W

Steve Rice on Mumba!

Existence Artistique on Mumba!

Ronnie 2¢ on Mumba!
Lovely . . such a natural moment !

Michael Skorulski on Mumba!
Beautifully done. 5 stars from me.

Steve Rice on Ma
Who's that?

Diana on Ma
With love and gratitude. Thank you

AMIR BABA on Alki Sunrise

franz on Ma
Wonderful smile, friendly eyes!

Existence Artistique on Ma
superbe ce sourire

omid on Ma
Lovely portrait.

Ronnie 2¢ on Ma
Oh, what an engaging smile - she has me smiling, too !

Ana Lúcia on Ma
She is beautiful, great portrait.

Le Krop on Ma
Joli portrait !!

Michael Skorulski on Ma
A lovely happy portrait.

Sof on Alki Sunrise
Une très belle lumière, bravo

Ronnie 2¢ on Alki Sunrise
. . and belated Congrats on your Spotlight, too - well done.

Ronnie 2¢ on Alki
Such a strong silence to this . . not sure why !

Diana on Alki
You have taken the HoHum to a new level

Diana on Alki Sunrise

Steve Rice on Alki

Mireille T. on Alki Sunrise
Congratulations! The light is fantastic!

Dimitrios on Alki
super capture of light***

Existence Artistique on Alki

Sof on Alki

Steve Rice on Alki Sunrise
Congratulations on the Spotlight!

omid on lunch
Mmmm...! :)

omid on Alki Sunrise
such beautiful composition, tone & lights! A M A Z I N G ! ... Congratulations! :)

Mhelene on Alki Sunrise
Beautiful image Congratulations on your Spotlight !

AMH on Alki Sunrise
Que hermoso , me encanta , quisiera estar ahi . Abrazo

Steve Rice on Alki Sunrise
Lovely morning!

Diana on Alki Sunrise

Existence Artistique on Alki Sunrise
belle lumière de cet orangé

Dimitrios on Alki Sunrise
great reflection on the boat, fine moment

Ronnie 2¢ on Alki Sunrise
Stunning . . a perfect moment !

Steve Rice on lunch
Mystery food is always the tastiest. ;-)

Diana on lunch
Nice photo, Lunch, sad

Existence Artistique on lunch
bel effet et cadrage,ça rend bien

Michael Skorulski on lunch
Wonderful idea and processing.

Steve Rice on Happy Runner!
Such a wonderful portrait of the sprinter.

Diana on Art Art
love the colors and your presentation

Diana on Happy Runner!
running and roaring happiness

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