Coffee Incorporeal

Posted by Daniel (Kenmare, United States) on 28 July 2008 in Abstract & Conceptual.

OMG! I am not sure that you, dear reader, will believe what I say; I can hardly believe it myself! Down at the corner coffee shop, I ordered up my usual double tall nonfat late. Spying a chair and table bathed in a pool of sunlight, I sat down to enjoy my caffeine supercharge. For lack of reading material, etc., I started playing with my trusty camera; taking pictures of foamy milk, cups, and out the window. Whilst thus enthralled, I aimed my lens at the chair across from me and I saw an honest to god ghost! An incorporeal form! I was in shock! Maybe my trusty camera wasn't trustworthy! Or the milk had gone bad! I lowered my camera, the form was gone; raised the camera and the form was there. I quickly snapped a shot. In gush of icy air, the incorporeal form dissipated. Take the image accompanying this post as proof positive that spirits walk the world!

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